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美国翻译PTE /博威美国PTE,深度PTE培训,帮助您更快地获得移民的语言成绩。


我们很少和学生谈论真正的问题,因为PTE毕竟是一个计算机测试,而且它也是一个“年轻人”,他在过去10年中加入了英语水平测试的大家庭。因此,在做练习或学习时,我会做好PTE官员介绍的2-3个练习,熟悉问题,改变旧的英语测试概念,这是我在正式注册之前应该做的。 PTE。



学生交流计划是对正规教育的补充,同时促进宽容,成熟和独立 - 在当今竞争激烈的就业市场中,这些都是高度追求的品质。生活在东道国,不是作为旅游者或客人,而是作为社区成员,这使得体验既具有挑战性又有回报。



1. Please note: If your PTE target score is 50 points, the accuracy requirements for scoring are relatively low, and there are 1-2 known errors per sentence.

2. If you want to get high scores, you should start with fluency, such as: 25S-30S, no error;

3. Fluency is related to the speed of reading the test system. We can divide the RA test questions into three lengths: short, medium and long (based on the width of the test interface: short 20S, medium 25S, long 30S).


Second, in the preparation stage, we should pay attention to the following words

Exchangeeasy to ignore the pronunciation of X;

Whileeasy to read as why;

Qualities---easy to ignore s;

Experience---easy to ignore ce;

Today’s---s or z?

Challenge and rewarding---The rhythm is not easy to knot when the speed is fast.

So, when we summarize the vocabulary, do we find that the tail and the consonants in the words are easily overlooked? Yes, this is a small detail that we should pay attention to during the 40S preparation phase.

In addition, we must also pay attention to the "rhythm." The division of rhythm can be divided according to punctuation. It is more rhythmic with our breathing. Of course, if the familiar classmates will divide according to the group. Regardless of the "rhythm" or the group of meanings, the point is that we should be more fluent when we read it out.


Third, practice

Next, enter our practice phase:

xx国内学是一种进化,而不是政治发展。他们更有可能在与人类的联盟中生存和繁荣,而不是自己。人类为动物提供食物和保护,以换取动物为人类提供牛奶和鸡蛋,以及 - 是 - 他们的肉。

一个来自一个小省镇的年轻人 - 一个没有独立财富,没有强大的家庭关系,没有受过大学教育的人 - 于1580年代后期搬到了伦敦,并在非常短的时间内成为了不仅仅是他年龄的最伟大的剧作家。所有莎士比亚都成为莎士比亚?

美国翻译PTE /博威美国PTE,深度PTE培训,帮助您更快地获得移民的语言成绩。

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